Why choose us?

Why choose bi-lingual education?

Why choose bi-lingual education?There are many reasons why parents choose bi-lingual education from an early age on for their children. Most are informed choices based on parents’ research on the advantages of bi-lingualism for their children’s academic, cognitive and social development amongst other things.

Below are a few of the many sites dealing with the advantages of bi-lingual education.








Why choose private schooling?

Private, independent schools enjoy a greater degree of flexibility in curriculum design and administration in comparison with state-run schools that are bound by static government laws.

We are also proud to have the renowned, award winning and excellent Brighton College as a consulting and advisory partner in all school matters such as the curricula design, teaching methodology and administration.

Some of the advantages of our private, independent schools are mentioned below:

            Bi-lingual education in English and German.

            Children do not have to know English and/or German to be accepted.

            Children from all nationalities and cultures are welcome.

            Entrance is throughout the year.

            Less beaurocracy by admissions.

            Flexibility in curriculum design, changes, up-dates, and so forth.

            Qualitative education – incorporating a global, regional and

                  national curriculum with emphasis on academics and the sciences.

            Instruction in ethics and good manners.

            Two teachers and fewer pupils per classroom ...